Sunday, September 30

I'm not worthy...

I thought of close to a thousand things I could say about this team, this season, and this city. I could write homages to dozens of players and recall hundreds of moments that led us to the division title. I could even take a few cheap shots at the Mets (since I can't stand them). But when it comes right down to it, I'm not worthy to talk about this magical team. They deserve a Disney movie made about them. And while they still haven't even played a playoff game, for someone like me who was just 8 years old the only time I saw them in the playoffs, this is the best baseball-related moment of my 22 year old life. So once again, I am not worthy to speak of this moment...

.....and since I allowed this blog to turn into a wasteful abyss, I shouldn't be allowed to comment anymore about this amazing season.....but I'm sure I will.


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