Sunday, June 10

Sopranos vs Philadelphia

The Sopranos just ended and so did my faith in television. Read on if you were a fan of this show and watched last night's finale.

What's worse: Watching a television show for eight years only to see it end in the most horribly shitfilled episode ever...or...watching your 95 million dollar baseball team get completely manhandled by one of (if not the) worst team in baseball?

Or maybe I should add in the fact that Jose Mesa is a Phillie. What's worse: Trusting Sopranos' creator David Chase to close out a once brilliant show...or...trusting Joe Table in any inning?

What about Freddy Garcia? What's worse: The whiny little bitch character that AJ became...or...Freddy Garcia's pitching and his injured shoulder?

And how about Charlie Manuel. What's worse than him? Is there anything? As bad as the Sopranos finale was, it doesn't come close to the wretchedness that is Uncle Charlie.

You know that feeling you got in your stomach when the episode just cut off and left you with a "what the fuck, I hate life" feeling? Is that worse than being a Phillies fan?

I know why we all love the Phillies. We grew up with them. If you liked the finale of Sopranos, then I envy your optimism.


GM-Carson said...

I just recently got HBO and watched the finale last left me thinking "what the fuck just happened". And that's how I felt after the Phils 17 run drubbing at the hands of the piece of shit Royals.

Jacobin said...

Skeeter! Are you crazy? There's a perfect counterpart for Uncle Charlie on the Sopranos! This season's version of Uncle Junior! When Tony visits Uncle Junior and Junior doesn't recognize him... where junior is totally a shell of competence! That sums Charlie up (it's just that Fuqua never was something to begin with).

Anonymous said...

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