Thursday, May 24


I'm alive and no, I don't have a new girlfriend, bloodstripes. I'm a player boy, you know that (not really). I'm adjusting/interviewing/moving/lazy/figuring-out-summer-plans ...and in the midst of all that, have left DTDC unattended and for that I apologize to anyone who semi-enjoys reading the shit I spew. I don't even know where to start for this post and it won't be very long. Within the next week, I will begin to post on a more regular schedule and such. But enough about my boring life....


I was in the midst of watching the season finale of Lost and switched back and forth during commercials. So since I can't totally give an honest recap of the win (if it can be called that), I'll just copy down some of the text messages I received during the game from my friends who were watching it.
  • "Rod Barajas is a fucking piece of shit"
  • "Brett Myers' wife is very happy he hurt his beating arm"
  • "Chris Coste anyone?"
  • "This season is over."
  • "Manuel should be kicked in the balls"
  • "Come over and screw me you big bastard" (that was from one of my honeys)
All of those were real...well...maybe one of them I made up.

What can I even say? If Myers is out for the year or an extended period of time, I would have to say this season is through. If not, MANUEL IS STILL RUNNING THIS TEAM INTO THE GROUND. Make no mistake about it, his overuse of Myers (and possibly Hamels?) is something that needs to be taken into account everyday by Pat Gillick. Unfortunately, I do not believe that it is. Then again, it is Gillick's fault Manuel has no arms in the bullpen. It is a vicious circle that leaves me crying.
So once again, I am sorry for such a delayed absence. I wish I was working on my left handed pitching (Carson) and I wish I was negotiating with pirates (Mike) and I wish I was celebrating (Jacobin)...but sadly I was just busy with "life." What a dumb thing it is anyways.

And here is something to make up for me being lazy


Lt. Papi said...

That picture totally makes up for all of the faults of your blog, skills as a man, and your general horrible example as a human being. I am now physically attracted to you.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel gives the real retards of the world a bad name. He is a fucking moron. I am sick and tired of him being allowed to make dumbass decision after amazingly/utterly/unbelievable dumbass decision. I hate him. I wish the Phils never signed Jim Thome and brought Charlie along for the ride.

Rod Barajas sucks donkey dick. What a fucking loser. He's the biggest piece of shit on this team. Gillick needs to grow a set of cajones and axe Barajas pronto to make a statement.

What the fuck is wrong with this fucking shitfest of a losing team.

Oops, we won the game...yeah right.

Jacobin said...

Yipee!!! Skeeter is back! It's understandable that you had things to take care of. Life tends to be a giant pain in the ass by getting in the way of screwing off, fucking around, and just generally being a lazy sonofabitch.

But turning to Fuqua, why wasn't he packaged in the trade that sent Thome to the White Sox? Fuqua was only here to be Thome's personal ass-caddy! He should have been gone a long, long time ago... shit, if he were gone, there's a good chance we'd have seen the playoffs at least once the last two years. Gah. Suck.

BloodStripes said...

Good to see you back Skeeter.

Barajas should be axed when Howard comes back with Coste staying up. Simple.

GM-Carson said...

That lazy fat ass piece of shit Barajas made another horrible play last night. Bad baseball. 17 men left on base by the Phils.

Unknown said...

When are they gonna release Barajas? He is now responsible, in just two games, for losing our closer, and blowing a game. It would have been 2 games in Nunez didn't hit that single. He is TERRIBLE. If Coste goes down, and Barajas stays, something very bad will happen.

klkatz said...

Manuel took Hamels out after 6 innings and 96 pitches in a game that was well in hand. So, perhaps he's starting to realize that his arm is not rubber.

GM-Carson said...

Earth to Skeeter...are you in the blogsphere somewhere?

Lt. Papi said...

Why is this blog not deleted yet?

Skeeter said...

wow...i suck big time. sorry. limited computer access is hurting my summer blogging. ill be back with more later...

...sorry for being a waste of shit

Jacobin said...

It's good to see Skeeter is still alive!